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In HOTEL SAINT GEORGE, we are aware of the impact our actions have on the environment and local community, and that is why our management is guided by sustainability principles. We are committed to managing our organization in a way in which all the interest groups involved are heard and respected, working together to make Puerto Iguazú a natural touristic destination that does not harm the environment.

Since our activity is immersed in a natural environment that has a wonderful natural phenomenon, the Iguazú Falls, as its main attraction, we believe it is very important to accept our commitment to the ENVIRONMENT. In order to confront worldwide climatic change and also preserve the local habitat, we commit to:

  • • Working on limiting the impact our operations have on the natural surroundings.
  • • Taking care of natural resources. Promoting the sensible use of water and paper and the efficient use of energy.
  • • Reducing our waste and making sure that its treatment and final disposal is the most appropriate for each type of waste in regards to the environment.
  • • Promoting the care of our forests and actively supporting the conservation of the Atlantic Forest and its biodiversity.
  • Since our activity is nourished by human factors, we accept our commitment to SOCIAL and CULTURAL development. In order to preserve cultural richness, reduce social vulnerability and encourage all the possibilities for the local community, we commit to::

  • • Warranting the legality and ethics of our labor practices. (Restrict and reject child labor and all types of illegal practices).
  • • Making sure that the labor conditions are fair and respecting diversity in all its forms, which you will see in our staff.
  • • Accepting our responsibility to contributing to the local economic and social development, giving priority to Iguazú residents when hiring, and also to local suppliers.
  • • Working towards a healthier and safer tourism where human rights are guaranteed.
  • • Taking concrete measures to prevent sexual and/or commercial exploitation of children and teenagers.
  • • Taking concrete measures to prevent behaviors that harm society, such as racism, discrimination, illegal drug use, among others.
  • • Promoting respect towards local cultures and traditions, and also taking care of the cultural patrimony of Iguazú.
  • • Taking part of the local community, listening to their needs and giving solutions.
  • Since we are interested in becoming leaders when it comes to sustainable tourism, we accept our commitment regarding our BUSINESS PRACTICES. In order to guarantee the quality of our services and continue being the top choice for our clients, we commit to:

  • • Guaranteeing to our guests/clients the quality of our services and products.
  • • Having a human resources management that considers, among many processes, the training and motivation of our collaborators to improve their personal and work competence.
  • • Giving priority to the hygiene and safety of our operation.
  • • Taking concrete measures to hire service and product suppliers that are willing to accompany us in our sustainable policies.
  • • Promoting sustainability among our collaborators, clients and the local community.